The dog has done it again

April 6, 2009

pirate3Why is it that I blog (mostly) regularly for a year now, yet Pirate the dog blogs once and wins the “I Love Your Blog” award?

It’s just not fair, I tell you. I mean sure – he’s cute, and it’s fun to pet his belly, and he does ride a motorcycle. But what else does he have on this author? Plenty, it seems.

So here it is, Pirate’s fancy new award, courtesy of Bitten by Books.


Some doggies have all the luck.

Then again, I have the t-shirts. This weeks Kiss My Asphalt t-shirt winner is Christie Hollie!


Oh and stay tuned – I’m launching a new contest next week where you can win a walk-on part in the next Accidental Demon Slayer book. If you ever wanted to rub Pirate’s belly in person, here’s your chance. Along with it, (of course) will be a new fun quiz: Are You Part Demon Slayer?

Stay tuned…


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