It’s a little known fact that book titles change all the time. Typically, the author will decide on a title while writing a book or a book proposal. In some cases, the title will come to an author before the rest of the book. That happens to me a lot. A title will pop into my head and introduce a situation that makes me want to write.

Still, every author knows not to get too attached because upwards of around seventy-percent of book titles are changed by the publishing house. Either they don’t fit the finished book, or maybe they don’t say what the marketing department wants to say. They could be too long, too short, or just not it.

I’ve been unusual in that I’ve gotten to keep my titles. Well, until now. This latest book is going to get a new title. I originally named it The Monster MASH because I’m writing about a group of offbeat paranormal MASH surgeons. And while my publisher is on board with the drama and zaniness inside the book, they want a grabby-er title (And yes, I’m making up a word. I like to do that.)

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking and thinking of a new title. But then it hit me: Why not ask for a bit of help? So I’m holding a contest. Help me re-name The Monster MASH. I’m open to any and all suggestions. If your title is one of the ones I present to my editor, I’ll thank you in the book. If your title is the one we go with, I’ll name a character after you.

Post any and all suggestions below.

A bit of background: The monster MASH is located down in limbo during a big immortal war. There are vampires, werewolves, demi-gods, sphinxes and about every other creature you can think of. The protagonist is a half-fairy surgeon who was drafted away from her paranormal medical clinic in New Orleans. Oh and she can see dead people.

One of my re-title suggestions was The Truth About Cats and Demi-Gods. My editor said close, but not it. So think of that kind of vibe. Thanks and good luck!


Hey all, I can’t tell you how much fun it is to hear how excited everyone is about the new book. The Last of the Demon Slayers was a blast to write and a lot of you who have read the book have asked about a new character, Neil.

Was he a character that surprised me? Yes. In fact, Neil started off with a minor role that kept growing and growing (Not like Flappy, mind you. Neil is only human after all).  He’s an old hippie who offers to shelter Lizzie and the biker witches when they reach California. Only Neil also happens to be an old flame of Lizzie’s grandmother.

Neil is this great, interesting, admittedly quirky guy. He’s really sweet, which makes it a lot of fun when Lizzie takes an instant dislike to the man. She doesn’t want to think of her grandma having a flirty, romantic past, or that Neil is more than happy to take up where he and Grandma left off. It was so much fun to drive Lizzie crazy with this romantic subplot.

Over-arching drama and intensity are great, but to me, little character interactions like this can really make a book. And they’re such a kick to write.

So thanks for the support and for reading! The winner of the autographed book is Helen Crittenden. Congrats Helen! Email me with your contact info and I’ll get that book right out to you.

Sure Las Vegas is wild and crazy, but demon-infested? Lizzie and the gang are going to need all the help they can get. Test your demon slaying skill with the not-so-scientific, totally made up for your amusement Are You Part Demon Slayer? quiz. And, of course, with every quiz there must be a rocking contest. At least that’s my rule.


Post your score below and enter to win a walk-on role in my next book, A Tale of Two Demon Slayers, due out in February 2010. The contest runs through May 2009.

Take the quiz
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And you could have your real name (or a friend’s) appear in my next book!

pirate3Why is it that I blog (mostly) regularly for a year now, yet Pirate the dog blogs once and wins the “I Love Your Blog” award?

It’s just not fair, I tell you. I mean sure – he’s cute, and it’s fun to pet his belly, and he does ride a motorcycle. But what else does he have on this author? Plenty, it seems.

So here it is, Pirate’s fancy new award, courtesy of Bitten by Books.


Some doggies have all the luck.

Then again, I have the t-shirts. This weeks Kiss My Asphalt t-shirt winner is Christie Hollie!


Oh and stay tuned – I’m launching a new contest next week where you can win a walk-on part in the next Accidental Demon Slayer book. If you ever wanted to rub Pirate’s belly in person, here’s your chance. Along with it, (of course) will be a new fun quiz: Are You Part Demon Slayer?

Stay tuned…


Hiya! I’m Pirate, the most handsome Jack Russell Terrier you will ever meet. Now usually I stay in the background. I’m not an in-your-face kind of dog. Unless you have a turkey sandwich. Or chips or maybe a piece of bacon. I love bacon.

Now what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Angie is busy on her computer – typing away. Something about a new book deadline that I’m not allowed to talk about yet. But in the mean time, she’s neglecting her blog and that’s just not right. So seeing as I’m a talking dog and all, I thought I’d help her out.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from when I went to Las Vegas for The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers. The first one is a sausage sandwich I got from Jodi Maroini’s Sausage Kingdom. It was so good I think I swallowed it whole.sausage1

This here is the Las Vegas Strip. You’ve never seen so many advertisements for free buffets. It almost makes me wish Ezra the ghost hadn’t taught me how to read. But I needed to learn to play Scrabble, so…


This is when I found some free french fries.


And the babes in Vegas. Ohh ee. Now I barked, but I don’t think she heard me on account of how loud it is on The Strip. Isn’t she fierce?


And finally, this is my favorite picture of bacon. Notice how it’s all sizzly on the sides. Mmm…


Okay, there’s a squirrel in the yard so I gotta go. But before I do, Angie wanted me to tell you all that the winner of this week’s Kiss My Asphalt t-shirt giveaway is Blackroze!


I was just sitting down to write a bit when I thought, “hey, who wants a t-shirt?” And since it’s a gorgeous day out, let’s give away two.

The winners are:

Jewlz Dore and Joyce Hurley

Now before I get back to writing, some people have been emailing and asking about a third Accidental Demon Slayer book. There will be a book 3. Right now, I’m calling it A Tale of Two Demon Slayers. In fact, I’ll be writing part of it this afternoon. Chapter eight to be exact. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say Lizzie and Dimitri finally make it back to his hometown in Greece – and well – they’re in for a few surprises. A Tale of Two Demon Slayers is slated for release in February of 2010.

Kiss My Asphalt

March 7, 2009

dsc02772dsc027701Lookie. You like? These are the Kiss My Asphalt t-shirts, based on the shirt Grandma wears in the first scene of The Accidental Demon Slayer. The picture doesn’t show this, but the letters are in metallic silver type. It’s what all of the stylish biker witches are wearing. And now you can, too! I’m giving a t-shirt away each week to my newsletter subscribers. Want to get in on it? Just drop me an email at Easy pleasy.

And along those lines, I received an email this morning from intrepid reader Judy, who pointed out (wisely) that I have not been announcing the Kiss My Asphalt t-shirt winners on my blog. I mean, what good is it to get a free t-shirt if you don’t get bragging rights too?

So Judy gets a t-shirt for getting me back on track, and I’ll be announcing a new t-shirt winner every Monday.

We have a winner of the original manuscript of The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers. Natalie Hatch. Woo hoo Natalie! Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll get that out to you. Also let me know if you want the clean or the marked up book. And thank you to everyone who entered. It was a lot of fun. Maybe I can find my original manuscript of The Accidental Demon Slayer and we can do this again.

Is this thing on?

June 30, 2008

Ohhhh…I am so bad, sneaking into the blog three days late. I’m in Anaheim, California for the American Library Association Conference. We’re right next to Disneyland. I’m trying to hide my mouse ears behind my back, but it’s not working, is it?

And I’m not even clever this afternoon because I’ve been riding Pirates of the Carribean working hard for the past three days. So to make it up to you guys, how about I draw names for not one, but two ARCs? My last two ARCs for this contest. Say it ain’t so!

The winners are:
Mary Ann Taylor and Charity S.!!!

And even though my ARC box is empty, my heart is full because we’re getting close to the official launch of The Accidental Demon Slayer. And another great review just came in – this time from Romantic Times magazine. Four stars. “A new talent just hit the urban fantasy genre, and she has a genuine gift for creating dangerously hilarious drama.” How neat is that? I’m blushing. Or maybe it’s this great California sunshine.  


Hey, I received two more reviews for The Accidental Demon Slayer and I must say, this is starting to be kind of fun (she says, thus jinxing herself). Recommended reads from both the Romance Junkies and CK2S Kwips and Kritiques.

The Romance Junkies review isn’t live yet. And if you’ve read this blog before, you know my face gets red even thinking about pulling quotes from reviews, ala “This person likes me, please like me too.” (I have a feeling my editor is going to tell me to buck up.) But in the mean time, here’s the link to the one review:

CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

I really liked the way the reviewer summarized the book. To the point where I’m kind of jealous I couldn’t come up with a way to state the entire opener in one paragraph. It’s hard to do. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Anyhow, I’m really glad everyone seems to be liking The Accidental Demon Slayer. This week’s ARC winner – Natalie Hatch – can be like one of the reviewers and read it before everyone else.  Go Natalie! Happy reading.