Happy Tuesday! The advanced reading copies for So I Married a Demon Slayer are here. So of course I have to give one away.

This is an anthology that is releasing on August 30. The other authors are Kathy Love and Lexi George. We’re all writing about demon slayers who have found themselves in, er, compromising positions.

My contribution, What Slays in Vegas, is the story of the one half-succubus who got away after The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers. Poor Lizzie didn’t realize she missed one.

Here’s the blurb:

When a sexy succubus comes up against a fearless demon slayer intent on killing her boss, a truly wild Vegas night turns into a quickie wedding. But in a city where anything goes, a demon slayer wedding a succubus is strictly forbidden. Which doesn’t mean either is rushing to jump out of the marriage bed.

Just post and tell us why you’d want to marry a demon slayer and you’re entered to win the advanced reading copy. Oh and if you want to double your chances, I’m also giving one away on  my Facebook Fan Page. Good luck!


It’s a little known fact that book titles change all the time. Typically, the author will decide on a title while writing a book or a book proposal. In some cases, the title will come to an author before the rest of the book. That happens to me a lot. A title will pop into my head and introduce a situation that makes me want to write.

Still, every author knows not to get too attached because upwards of around seventy-percent of book titles are changed by the publishing house. Either they don’t fit the finished book, or maybe they don’t say what the marketing department wants to say. They could be too long, too short, or just not it.

I’ve been unusual in that I’ve gotten to keep my titles. Well, until now. This latest book is going to get a new title. I originally named it The Monster MASH because I’m writing about a group of offbeat paranormal MASH surgeons. And while my publisher is on board with the drama and zaniness inside the book, they want a grabby-er title (And yes, I’m making up a word. I like to do that.)

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking and thinking of a new title. But then it hit me: Why not ask for a bit of help? So I’m holding a contest. Help me re-name The Monster MASH. I’m open to any and all suggestions. If your title is one of the ones I present to my editor, I’ll thank you in the book. If your title is the one we go with, I’ll name a character after you.

Post any and all suggestions below.

A bit of background: The monster MASH is located down in limbo during a big immortal war. There are vampires, werewolves, demi-gods, sphinxes and about every other creature you can think of. The protagonist is a half-fairy surgeon who was drafted away from her paranormal medical clinic in New Orleans. Oh and she can see dead people.

One of my re-title suggestions was The Truth About Cats and Demi-Gods. My editor said close, but not it. So think of that kind of vibe. Thanks and good luck!

Happy vampire news! I have a short story releasing today. Love Bites is originally from The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, but if you didn’t catch it there, you can download it easy pleasey.

This is the very humorous, yet sexy story of a vampire princess who decides to rebel. I’d never thought about releasing it as a stand-alone short, but since so many readers were asking for just this one story, I thought, “Why not?”


Vampire Princess Katarina Volholme D’Transylvania didn’t kill her stony, passionless husband, but she’s not shedding too many tears, either. That is until her father arranges another marriage for her three days after the funeral. She’s tired of being used, ignored and married off. And so she runs…

Royal Bodyguard Fionnlagh MacLaomainn doesn’t know much about the maverick princess on the lamb. He just needs to bring her back in time for the wedding. But when he manages to capture her on the back of his Harley, their wild ride takes them to places neither one of them could have ever imagined.

Hi all. My agent just sent me a note that may be of interest to those of you who are writers looking for representation.

Jessica Alvarez, former Harlequin editor, has joined BookEnds, LLC, as a literary agent, effective immediately. During her tenure at Harlequin, between 2001 and 2008, she worked on a variety of imprints, and was part of the editorial teams that launched HQN Books, Red Dress Ink, Love Inspired Historicals, HarlequinNEXT, and the Steeple Hill trade program. Most recently, Ms. Alvarez has been freelance editing for a number of clients, among them Harlequin/Silhouette, Scholastic Books, and Thomas Nelson.

Ms. Alvarez brings a strong editorial background and expertise in both series and single title romance to BookEnds. She is actively looking for submissions in women’s fiction and all varieties of romance, and can be reached directly at jalvarez@bookends-inc.com.

Check this out

March 29, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I love Ebay. I’ve bought clothes, books, and things I just can’t find anywhere else (like canceled nail polish colors). When we were dating, my husband and I got into a bidding war over this hideous blue and green plaid jacket that he wanted to buy. Him, because he thought it was amusingly awful. Me, because I didn’t want to see him wear it.

Then Jim got the bright idea to step back from the auction and I ended up winning. Thus I had the pleasure of paying for and receiving said hideous jacket. I was dating a smartie, or so he thought. The final revenge was mine, however, in that I hung the plaid monstrosity up in my closet and refused to let him wear it.

So I suppose the lesson to be learned is that Ebay is great if you want to taunt your partner.  Ebay is also the perfect place for a bunch of fantastic authors to get together to put up amazing prizes for a good cause.

A great friend to authors, Fatin, runs a book blog and she recently lost her husband in a senseless act of violence. More than one hundred authors have banded together to offer autographed books, prize baskets, lunches out, coaching for unpublished writers and a whole lot more. It’s going on right now under the heading Operation Auction 2011.

There’s also a book package up there for the Accidental Demon Slayer series – first edition, signed copies of all four books. So join in if you’d like. I’ve been bidding on a lot of fun things (although I’m skipping the plaid jackets this time).

The thing I love most about this blog is hearing from everyone. You all made yesterday’s post so much fun – what with tales of woe – dentists and traffic tickets and snoring spouses, oh my! To tango lessons, Dorito/gummi worm feasts and amazing heirloom jewelry – oh yes! And braaaaains!

So you know what? Everybody wins. Every single one of you who posted yesterday and before the cut-off this morning gets an autographed copy of My Zombie Valentine. That’s 39 winners total. Just email me at angie @ angie fox.com and give me your snail mail addy and I’ll get your book out to you!

Happy reading!


Happy Valentine’s Day! I was just sneaking my third Dove mini chocolate heart (bad Angie) and started thinking how today is the perfect day to treat my awesome readers. So how about we give away some books? Post below to say, “happy Valentines Day,” “boo on Valentine’s Day” or whatever you want and you’re entered to win one of five copies of My Zombie Valentine!