My Zombie Valentine book giveaway!

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! I was just sneaking my third Dove mini chocolate heart (bad Angie) and started thinking how today is the perfect day to treat my awesome readers. So how about we give away some books? Post below to say, “happy Valentines Day,” “boo on Valentine’s Day” or whatever you want and you’re entered to win one of five copies of My Zombie Valentine!


49 Responses to “My Zombie Valentine book giveaway!”

  1. Calliope Says:

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  2. kyatty2007 Says:

    Happy Valentines Day…even though I’m boycotting 😉

  3. Christy Hawkes Says:

    ZOMBIES and Dove Chocoate ~ two of my most favorite things!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Stephanie St.Clair Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  5. Angie Fox Says:

    Oh I boycotted for years. Well, except for the chocolate. I never boycott that.

  6. Angie Fox Says:

    Hey yeah, I could include a few Dove chocolates if there are any left. And frankly, that’s a big “if.”

  7. Amanda Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, although I think its silly to have one day that you should say that you love the one you’re with.

  8. Terri Shelton Says:

    yeah, everything goes better with chocolate!

  9. Phoebe Says:

    Happy BOOOOO Valentine!!!!

  10. Sara M Says:

    Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! I’m celebrating tomorrow since Mondays are crazy at work and I couldn’t take off.

  11. Cindy McCune Says:

    I’m alone for any holidays now…so instead of buying chocolate for myself I bought gummi worms & Doritos…I know, I know *weird*. But fun:) Thanks for the contest!

  12. Wendy Says:

    Hope you have a great Valentines Day

  13. Angie Fox Says:

    We’re celebrating tomorrow too, Sara. Couldn’t get anyone to watch the kiddos tonight, so the boys in the family are taking the girls out to dinner. Then tomorrow the hubs and I will dress up and go out.

  14. Angie Fox Says:

    Ooh… Gummi worms and Doritos. That sounds good, Cindy!

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Angie Fox, ioki jo, Sharon , Joan Swan, Author, Nicole Prebeck and others. Nicole Prebeck said: RT @AngieFoxauthor: Want a copy of My Zombie Valentine? I'm giving five away on my blog today. […]

  16. Robin K Says:

    Happy Happy Valentines Day!!!

  17. Linda Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m cheating on my diet with some chocolate pastries tonight. There’s always tomorrow to eat veggies!! Hope you have a good night!!

  18. Hope no limbs fall off while ya’ll are enjoying a Zombie-Valentine!!!

  19. Rebel Wheeler Says:

    A Happy Valentines Day to you!!!


  20. Kara Says:

    Happy VAL……braaainnssss nom nom….

  21. Xandra Says:

    All together now, chocolate and braaaaiiinnsss – YUM. Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉

  22. Teresa Gordon aka: bucktooth betty no pants Says:

    🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day (-:

  23. aeomom2003 Says:

    Happy V Day Angie! Thanks for thinking of us!

  24. Anne Marsh Says:

    Happy Vday! Fortunately, I ate all the Dove chocolates, so there was only one left when I went rummaging today 😉

  25. Cyndy Says:

    On a day like Valentine’s Day, I’d have to say a zombie valentine is preferable to my ex-husband. 😉

  26. Happy Valentine’s Day! I was gifted with a traffic violation in my mail today, how sweet!

  27. Chesty Drawers Steel Butt Says:

    Love the Dove!! I think I ate an entire bag, not doing much for that Steel Butt, huh?! Happy Valentines Day!!

  28. John Says:

    Happy Valentines Day Angie.

    Hope to see you in October again!

  29. Lisa D Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day…feel the love…and eat lots of chocolates!!

  30. Donna S Says:

    Happy Valentines Day. Im pretty sure chocolate has no bad effects today.

  31. Melody Sykes Says:

    Me, Pick Me. Happy Valentine’s Day! Keep producing the great literature!

  32. Raonaid Luckwell Says:

    Happy Valentine’s day. Heh, I bought my own V-day gift and told hubby that it was from him! His V-day gift is wrapped in with Anniversary since I bought him tickets to a concert

  33. Kathy Says:

    Happy Valentines Day – Spent mine at the dentist for a checkup. He showed lots of love – I have to go back in 3 weeks for a filling. I think I’ll have another piece of double chocolate cake………..

  34. Kay Martinez Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! This one has been good. Hubby came through his surgery last week with flying colors, dog came through her surgery today great too. Those are big things I wanted this year. Told hubby only present I wanted was my late mother’s ring sized so I could wear it again. That’s what he got me. Life’s good in spite of all the bills & very little income.

  35. Edward Cammarota Says:

    Scientifically proven that V-day chocolate has NO calories….at least that is what Pirate told me.

  36. Happy Valentine’s Day! The real treat is not the chocolate, but the gift of your marvelous imagination!

  37. Sharon Says:

    love the cover! and would love the book 😉

  38. Angie Fox Says:

    You guys are cracking me up. Ex-husbands, dentist visits traffic tickets and Braaaaains!

    And *very* cool on your husband’s gift, Kay. It’s just so sentimental.

  39. Angie Fox Says:

    Oh my, Edward. Well if Pirate told you, it must be true.

  40. Robyn S. Says:


  41. G Weber Says:

    Happy V-day! 🙂

  42. Nicole Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day? Ok… so this valentines day I kinda felt like a zombie – didn’t get much sleep last night because of the snoring machine (ie. my husband) sleeping next to me.

  43. Linda Henderson Says:

    A very Happy Valentines Day to you. Hope it’s been a good one.

  44. Helle Larsen Says:

    Happy Valentines Day…

  45. Dawn_N Says:

    I hope you had a great VDay. The husband and I did our VDay stuff on Saturday we went out and learned some basic Argentine Tango moves. It was fun to have a couple hours for ourselves and the kids got to spend time with Grandma.

  46. Angie Fox Says:

    Okay, this is the cutoff. Everybody above this line wins! That’s right – everyone!

  47. Lorelei C Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day (a day late)

  48. Becky Says:

    I want a copy of My Zombie Valentine!

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