The Last of the Demon Slayers book winner!

February 7, 2011

Hey all, I can’t tell you how much fun it is to hear how excited everyone is about the new book. The Last of the Demon Slayers was a blast to write and a lot of you who have read the book have asked about a new character, Neil.

Was he a character that surprised me? Yes. In fact, Neil started off with a minor role that kept growing and growing (Not like Flappy, mind you. Neil is only human after all).  He’s an old hippie who offers to shelter Lizzie and the biker witches when they reach California. Only Neil also happens to be an old flame of Lizzie’s grandmother.

Neil is this great, interesting, admittedly quirky guy. He’s really sweet, which makes it a lot of fun when Lizzie takes an instant dislike to the man. She doesn’t want to think of her grandma having a flirty, romantic past, or that Neil is more than happy to take up where he and Grandma left off. It was so much fun to drive Lizzie crazy with this romantic subplot.

Over-arching drama and intensity are great, but to me, little character interactions like this can really make a book. And they’re such a kick to write.

So thanks for the support and for reading! The winner of the autographed book is Helen Crittenden. Congrats Helen! Email me with your contact info and I’ll get that book right out to you.


2 Responses to “The Last of the Demon Slayers book winner!”

  1. Robyn Wood Says:

    Sounds like much fun! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  2. Angie Fox Says:

    You know what? I have an extra copy right here, Robyn. It’s yours. Just send me your snail mail info!

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