Kindle giveaway!

January 12, 2011

It’s the easiest, most fun way to get a new Kindle! A bunch of us have just joined up at Killer Fiction, and, to celebrate, we’re having a “Start your New Year off with a Bang” bash. We’ll be giving away daily prizes for two whole weeks, from Jan 10th – 21st, and one grand prize of a KINDLE! I don’t even have a Kindle. So I will be very jealous of you if you win.

Full rules to enter are posted on the blog sidebar, but basically the more times you visit, and the more people you tell to come visit, the more times you’re entered and the better chance you have of winning the Kindle. Here’s the blog link:

P.S.  Why a Kindle?  Besides the fact that they’re mega cool, all of the founding Killer fiction members were Dorchester authors who have all been fortunate enough to get our rights to our books back. Several of us have self-published our backlists on Amazon, among other places, and we’re totally into getting behind not only our new ebook backlist, but that of any other author displaced by the Dorchester Disaster.


2 Responses to “Kindle giveaway!”

  1. Val Stark Says:

    AKA: Easy Edna No Pants!!!
    Can’t wait to have that put on my biker leathers!

  2. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL Easy Edna. I always knew you were up to something.

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