Zombie Love

January 12, 2010

Guess what I saw in the tower at Barnes & Noble the other day? Yep. Lots of copies of My Zombie Valentine, hot off the press. I had a lot of fun with this anthology, mainly because it gave me the chance to write about New Orleans voodoo. Whenever I’m down in New Orleans (which isn’t often enough), I love to stop into the shops in the French Quarter and look at love potions, good fortune charms and everything else they have. And I always wonder, what if those things actually worked? Well, in my story, they do.

The main character, Amiele Fanchon D’Honore Baptiste (Amie for short) is a lonely New Orleans voodoo mamba. Amie lives in the modern city and is tired of party boys and guys who can’t commit. She needs a gentleman in her life. So she weaves a spell to call the “perfect man for her.” But she should have been more specific because the perfect man for her died in 1811. Whoops.

Dante Montenegro is a Spanish gentleman who has been haunting St. Louis Cemetery Number One, waiting for his true love to call him back to life. He’s thrilled when Amie’s spell works and emerges the cemetery, very sexy (if slightly dirty). When her hot zombie shows up at her door, Amie is determined to put him back into the ground. Dante is determined to make her fall for him.

It’s really rather sweet –  in a zombie sort of way.


One Response to “Zombie Love”

  1. Congrats on your anthology coming out Angie! Can’t wait to read it.

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