Are YOU Part Demon Slayer?

April 8, 2009

Sure Las Vegas is wild and crazy, but demon-infested? Lizzie and the gang are going to need all the help they can get. Test your demon slaying skill with the not-so-scientific, totally made up for your amusement Are You Part Demon Slayer? quiz. And, of course, with every quiz there must be a rocking contest. At least that’s my rule.


Post your score below and enter to win a walk-on role in my next book, A Tale of Two Demon Slayers, due out in February 2010. The contest runs through May 2009.

Take the quiz
Tell us your score below
And you could have your real name (or a friend’s) appear in my next book!


167 Responses to “Are YOU Part Demon Slayer?”

  1. Lisa N. Says:

    I’m just over half at 57% demon slayer. I guess I’m just half a slayer!

  2. Angie Fox Says:

    Well, with all of the demons in Las Vegas (what happens in Vegas…), we need all the slayers we can get. Consider yourself hired. πŸ™‚

  3. Raonaid Says:


    You are 74% demon slayer.

  4. Carol M Says:

    I’m 78% demon slayer! πŸ™‚

  5. Angie Fox Says:

    Dang – you guys are acing the test. Are you hiding crib notes on your switch stars or something? Nice work!

  6. Pamk Says:

    I got 82% demon slayer.

  7. darchole Says:

    74% – I think the question about the talking to my pet brought me down – I answered correctly (for today) about my cat ignoring me when I do that. Different story when kitty treats or magic is invovled tho. Maybe that should have been included as a answer to that question?

  8. Angie Fox Says:

    Nice, Pam. You’re hired.

  9. Angie Fox Says:

    Ah yes, the treats will do it every time. πŸ™‚

  10. Lori T Says:

    Oh my gosh, I did very very poorly…I am actually embarrassed to put my score. I am 53% Demon Slayer…yes, I know very embarrassing.

  11. Angie Fox Says:

    Maybe that just means you’re 47% biker witch. Ride on, Red Skull.

  12. Sabrina Says:

    I’m 65% demon slayer. Ok – vegas here I come watch out she demons!


  13. Suzanne J Says:

    I’m 74% demon-slayer, and my Irish Terrier always talks in complete sentences, though I often don’t like what she has to say. She has an attitude, that one.

  14. Pam Keener Says:

    I am 78% wanna be 100% Accidental Demon Slayer
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener

  15. scooper Says:

    You are 74% demon slayer. And my luck, I’ll be the 26% that is demon killed.

  16. Katee Robert Says:

    I’m 61% demon slayer! How much of that is accidental … who knows?

    Katee Robert

  17. Shawntelle Says:

    I am 74% demon slayer. πŸ™‚ Hee hee!

  18. Jacqueline Says:

    Hee hee hee! I’m 82% demon slayer!

  19. Angie Fox Says:

    You’re hired, Sabrina.

  20. Angie Fox Says:

    Okay, Pirate perked up when he read your comment, Suzanne J (and yes, a ghost teaches him how to read in the second book). He says he likes cute Irish Terriers with sass. As if I’m running a doggie dating service here.

  21. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL Pam. Do you really want to be 100% demon slayer? Have a bunch of biker witches haul you off to Vegas? Then again, the job comes with a hot shapeshifting griffin so, hmm, maybe…

  22. Angie Fox Says:

    Hey, 74% is pretty darn good, Scooper. I mean even Lizzie occasionally beheads the Shoney’s big boy. Those switch stars are tricky.

  23. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL Katee. Just keep an eye out for demons in the bathroom.

  24. Angie Fox Says:

    Nice, Shawntelle. You all need to be watching for Shawntelle – she’s an up and coming paranormal author. Very talented.

  25. Angie Fox Says:

    Nice, Jacqueline! I think you have the high score so far. Grab your toothbrush. The biker witches will be at your door in exactly two minutes.

  26. Jewlz Says:

    78% Demon slayer here. Bring ’em on! ;D

  27. KatyF Says:

    My demon slaying is a little rusty..I got 61% but I think that is at least enough for me to be a demon-slaying groupie! πŸ˜€

  28. blodeuedd Says:

    You are 53% demon slayer.

    Well almost half a slayer, I guess I am more the behind the scenes kind of gal. Need to work on my slaying skills πŸ™‚

  29. Congratulations!

    You are 74% demon slayer.

    (my score might have been higher but I so had to go with the co-worker answer.)

    Now where do I get a demon slayer pair of boots?

  30. Angie Fox Says:

    Nice, Jewlz. I can tell you’ve been studying. πŸ™‚

  31. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL KatyF – you can hang out with the Red Skulls.

  32. Angie Fox Says:

    Hey blodeuedd, half a slayer beats no slayer at all! Plus, you can study up with Lizzie and Pirate. They’re still trying to figure it out too.

  33. Angie Fox Says:

    Yes, MarnieColette – it is all about the boots. The shinier, the better.

  34. Terri W. Says:


    You are 82% demon slayer.

    Wow I never thought I would score that high definately lower!

  35. Kimberly B. Says:

    I am 65% demon slayer! My score may have been higher if I had a pet to talk back to me!

  36. Shell the hockeyvampiress Says:

    I got a 61% Time to rethink my current job. Maybe with a little training I could be a slayer!!!

  37. Congratulations!

    You are 74% demon slayer.

  38. moonduster Says:

    I am 74% demon slayer. LOL! πŸ™‚

    Must be from all the practice I get dealing with little monsters (I have 7 kids). LOL!

  39. Crystal B. Says:

    I am 70% demon slayer. πŸ™‚

  40. Wendy Says:

    Only 49% demon slayer! Booooo.

  41. Carmen R Says:


    You are 78% demon slayer.

    ok not 100% but maybe it’s because I’m also 22% demon layer lol

  42. Angie Fox Says:

    Want me to send Pirate over to your place, Kimberly? I’ll warn you, though – you’d better have a full refrigerator.

  43. Angie Fox Says:

    Can I tell you how impressed I am with some of these scores? You guys are fierce!

  44. Gerd Duerner Says:

    I scored as 53% Demonslayer, guess I run down the middle.
    Ah well, the couch potato is strong in me probably not a good trait to possess as a prospecting Slayer.

  45. Becky Ward Says:

    I am a 82% demon slayer.

  46. mflaum Says:


  47. kanarytx Says:

    I thought I would do better yhan 74%. But there it is.

  48. Congratulations!

    You are 65% demon slayer.

    Woohoo! At least I’m more than half! πŸ™‚

  49. Peta Says:

    Oh dear – room for improvement! “You are 53% demon slayer.”

  50. Kait Nolan Says:

    70% demon slayer! I think my dog may be a familiar…we just have to keep her away from the karaoke machine.

  51. Tina Says:


    You are 90% demon slayer.

    Tweet your Demon Slayer Quiz Results!

    Or Spread the Word and Email a Fellow Biker Chick/Dude

    Get The Official Widget!

  52. Ashley L. Says:


  53. Marie Says:

    I’m 49% demon slayer!

  54. 74%
    though i thought i was more badazz than that LOL

    great prize!!!!!!

  55. i twittered the test and put the widget on my myspace page,

  56. I am 65% demon slayer. Not too bad. I think???

  57. Jess Granger Says:

    98% baby, Woot!

    That’s what I’m talking about.


  58. danette Says:

    I Am 65% demon slayer.

    I think that means tha tI can at least hang with the demon slaying mamas πŸ˜€

    Hugs, Danette

  59. Houston A.W. Knight Says:

    O.K., I’m a 74% DS…am I hired? LOL

    I copied the html and it sent itself to my blog…the link will be there until next Sunday. πŸ™‚ Right at the top of the page.


  60. Tiah Says:

    65%. That number should get me on the payroll but I don’t know how much help I’ll be!

  61. MonieG Says:

    I’m only 49% Demon Slayer. Looks like they might get the jump on me. LOL

  62. Cinnamon Says:

    Only 49%. Dang. Well there goes the whole, take care of the coworkers and take over the office idea. πŸ˜‰

  63. Regina D Says:

    i am 87% Demon slayer

  64. quiltingreader Says:

    You are 94% demon slayer.

  65. Crystal Says:

    You are 78% demon slayer.

    Woo hoo! Time to break out my spell book and get slaying! Las Vegas here I come!

  66. Tasha Says:


  67. Lexie Says:

    hahaha…yeah I got 49%. I’m guessing ya’ll should be the ones protecting me from the demons huh?

  68. I got 57% in the quiz! Maybe I should think about being a demon slayer for real. It looks like I have promise lol.

  69. Angie Fox Says:

    This quiz is all about career guidance. I say if you’ve got a bit of demon slayer in you, go for it! I mean, what’s the worst that can happen, right?

  70. Vicki Says:

    I’m 74%. Gotta study a bit more. πŸ™‚ Of course there is the biker witch ride still to do.

    See you at RT!!

  71. Jess Granger Says:

    Hey, I know on good authority that if Lizzie took this test about five months ago, she would have easily been in the twenties. So anyone could have it in them. Hmmmmm.

  72. I’m 86% Demon Slayer! That’s pretty cool! I guess I have a hidden talent I never knew. πŸ™‚

  73. michelle Says:

    i got 74% accidental demon slayer. Awesome!
    I also tweeted it.


  74. ann marie Says:

    You are 70% demon slayer.
    Finally something I’m good at.
    Have a great weekend.

  75. Amy Bradshaw Says:

    You are 65% demon slayer.
    Thanks for the fun contest! =)

  76. highlandlove Says:

    I am 78% demon slayer. What fun. Does this mean I get my very own hunky trainer?

    Hey I had to ask!
    the books sound great.


  77. Jacqueline Says:

    I’m 65% demon slayer. Great contest btw!

  78. […] spot in the third Accidental Demon Slayer novel.Β  All you have to do is take the quiz and then post your results in the comments.Β  The contest runs through […]

  79. Koryn Says:

    I’m 82% percent demon slayer.
    Awesome contest!

  80. Beverly G Says:


    You are 86% demon slayer.

    i dunno whats worse other site said 90 or that i took it again to see if ic ould get a better score lol

  81. Melissa Says:

    I’m 61% Demon Slayer………LOL, this must be a good day, he/he.

  82. Jennifer Iversen Says:

    ok…only 67% demon slayer here. guess i need some more practice on the dark side. i can do that!

  83. Chloe Parker Says:

    Hey Angie! Just wanted to let you know that I finished The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers today and I absolutely loved it. I received it as an ARC, so I’m definitely looking forward to going back and reading the first book in the series, too. If you’re interested, my review can be found here:

    Keep up the good work!

  84. Greta Says:

    Oh Wow – I would love to win a walk-in roll in your book. I’ve taken your quiz twice the first time I got 53% demon slayer and the second time 41% demon slayer.I really think it’s those demon hero’s of Jaci Burton, Gena Showalter, and Larissa Ione.

  85. Congrats on your book making a second printing!!

  86. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL What is it with scores going down the second time around? It’s good to know Lizzie can count on you guys for backup if she needs it.

  87. Angie Fox Says:

    Thanks, nightdweller. Yes, I can’t believe The Dangerous Book is already into a second printing. My readers are frickin’ AWESOME!!!

  88. Angie Fox Says:

    Thanks, Chloe. I just popped over to your review and let’s just say I’m still blushing. So glad you had a blast with the book!

  89. Kyleen Brannen Says:

    I am 86% demon slayer. (My family always thought I was strange.)
    I just finished the book and it was even better than the first one! I laughed, I teared up a little, and I was thouroughly entertained for the whole read!

  90. Congrats on the second printing of “The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers” & it’s not even be released yet! That’s absolutely awesome! Read about the great news over at Novel Reads. Big Hugs!

  91. Brandy Says:

    Read about your second printing over at Novel Reads! WTG! That’s stupendous news! WOOT!

  92. Vanessa Says:


    You are 90% demon slayer.

    Teeheehee – so was my SO – and we actually had different answers to a couple of questions!!

    Candy Knickers Steel Butt πŸ˜‰

  93. Michelle Says:

    Sigh…I’m only 61% demon slayer.

  94. Christy H. Says:

    Am I the worst !?!?
    I’m only 49% demon slayer

  95. Maija P. Says:

    I’m 53% demon slayer πŸ˜€

  96. Jackie B. Says:

    I am 75% demon slayer and would love to be in your book even if only my name…..

  97. carmella Says:

    hey i got 74% demon slayer.

  98. dorothy l Says:

    70% for me

  99. Beet Says:

    I’m 78% demon slayer.

  100. Lesley Says:

    Congrats on the second printing! I am 49% demon slayer!

  101. Miranda Says:

    I am 65% Demon Slayer. Can’t wait to read the new book that was released. As soon as I get paid this week I am on my way to the store to buy it.

  102. Jade Says:

    I’m 87% Demon Slayer so I’m possibly doing something right….or wrong? Who’s to say really…right?

  103. JohnnyC Says:

    I’m 53% Slayer. Does that make me a more Conservative or Liberal Demon Slayer? Maybe just a slightly dull one.

  104. Amanda Says:

    I’m 82% Demon Slayer and my Biker Witch name is Skullcap Sue Fancy Pants.

    I can’t wait to read the second book.

  105. Jessica Says:

    I’m 78% demon slayer. I’d like to say the other 22% is probably part demon/angel hehe.

    I know I’m a little odd…


  106. Mona Says:

    I am only 65% demon slayer — but since my 2-year old (Olivia Rose) kicks my butt on a daily basis I think she would get a 90% — but she can’t read or really talk yet so that is just a guess. We are looking forward to the next book. I read her the first one (edited for her understanding) and she always laughs at the biker grandmas…

  107. Matt Shively Says:

    Only 53%. Not even worthy to make the book.

  108. Heather T Says:

    Well… It told me that I am 90% demon slayer. I contest… I want a do-over! I’m certain that I’m WAY more demon than demon slayer :o)- I an an aide in an elem. classroom and I’m SURE that there are 100% slayers in my class because I feel SLAYED everyday after work! :o)

    Whatever, I guess I’ll take it!

    Thanks for the fabulous books! (I assume the second is as great as the first but honestly, even though I went to the bookstore the day the book was released – I had been checking for 2 weeks to see if it was released early – I haven’t started reading it yet because I don’t want it to be over :o)

    Silly me!
    Thanks again! Love your books!
    Heather :o)

  109. Elisabeth Scheible Says:


  110. Elisabeth Scheible Says:

    It’s all the Buffy Ive watched over the years.

  111. kanarytx Says:

    I am 78% Demon Slayer.

  112. Liz Feltz Says:

    Lizzard is 86% Demon Slayer. Thanks for the new book! I’m feeling the part when I ride on my pink scooter. It may not be a Harley but I can pretend with the best of them.

  113. Dee Says:

    I’m 86% demon slayer. Loved the new book! Made the mistake of starting it late at night and it was torture to put it down to sleep a few hours.

  114. Cheryl Says:

    82% here. Can’t wait to get the new book, have to stop and get it this week.

  115. Diana Says:

    Turns out that I am 82% demon slayer. Those evil beings at the DMV better watch out! Hehe. I loved the new book. I hate that I read it in one day. I finished it way too quickly. I think that I will need to write and perform a finger puppet play about it so I can keep myself entertained until the next book in February. I need to hit the art supply store. Now where do I find those googly eyes…. :^P

  116. Salem Vaught Says:

    Yay! I got 82%!

  117. Greywitch Says:

    Woo Hoo 90%

  118. Cathy Snodderly Says:

    I’m 78% demon slayer! Not too bad.

  119. Leah Says:

    You are 86% demon slayer.

  120. Kelly Baker Says:


    I am 78% Demon slayer!! That’s FABULOUS!! I’m so excited!!


  121. Kim Heniadis Says:

    I’m 78% Demon Slayer… was hoping for a better score. Guess I’ll just have to get the cats to talk back, or maybe not.

  122. Moundsbar Says:

    65% demon slayer

  123. Tiffany Ney Says:

    I am 86% Demon Slayer!! Whoa mama! I didn’t think I would score that high.

    I saw you at the (cancelled) JR Ward signing a yesterday and I have been ABSORBING your books since then. I’m addicted lol! It was great to meet you and an honor to have you sign my books πŸ™‚

  124. Pam Brizendine Says:

    I’m only 57% Demon Slayer. What can I say I’m a coward but I’m working on it! πŸ™‚ I need a Pirate and Dimitri by my side! oh yeah!

  125. Heather Brewer Says:

    I am 70% Demon Slayer. If I means I get Dimitri, then consider me hired.

    My 80lb lap dog thinks he is human and that we should do his bidding. He reminds me of Pirate except he’s a whole lot bigger.

    Loved this book, wtg Angie.

  126. Stacey Says:

    I am soooo lovin’ this book! Great job–AGAIN!! Tell Pirate I’m working on those Baconilla Cookies for him:)
    Have a great weekend:)

  127. Stacey Says:

    oops forgot to say I’m 86% demon slayer. I’ll post it on myspace. Hmmm…I wonder what Dallas’ score would be? Pirate and Dallas should team up. Partners in crime..teeheee. Dallas would be the ladder and Pirate could grab the snacks and run:)

  128. Summer Steelman Says:

    You are 74% demon slayer.

    Well, I guess that means I can kick butt, but might need some hot Griffin help every now and then. πŸ˜›

  129. Kerri Nelson Says:

    Only 65% but I’m still a demon slayer at heart. Unless he’s a really hot demon vampire and then less slayin and more layin. Wait a minute, did I say that out loud? LOL

  130. Lisa Heuer aka Kinochi Says:

    I am 78% Demon Slayer but think I scored too low. My dog acts like she doesn’t understand me but she sure knows how to get her needs understood! Just finished The Dangerous Book and loved it. Can’t get enough!

  131. Nikki Hetzler Says:

    I’m 90% demon slayer! I love talking to my dog, and she always answers!

  132. Zoe Says:

    65% Demon Slayer. 100% Demon Slayer Fan though.

  133. Heather Says:

    I am 78% Demon Slayer.

    I know both my puppies understand…whether they listen is another thing all together.

  134. Kena Says:

    I, unfortunately, am only 57% slayer. But, slayers need backup like me! I can sew griffon torn skirts and wipe up dripping demon prevention spells and I can play Scrabble with Pirate….

  135. Charlene Says:

    Well i’m 65% demon slayer.

  136. Robyn Says:

    Im 82% slayer. It was the dog question that held me back. It’s not my fault that a Great Dane is to big to ride on a Harley. But still he wont talk to me.

  137. Joelle Says:

    I’m 70% demon slayer.

  138. X-tal Says:


    You are 82% demon slayer.”

    Actually i didn’t really expect it to be this high, but eh? Bring it!

    Sure Finn (my scotty dog) understands! He just sometimes has a little attitude and just does his own thing.

  139. FZY1 Says:

    I personally want to offer my score of 65% to my Friend and Queen o’Succubi TeraS.

    I will look for your books thru the library.

  140. Denise Says:

    53% demon slayer…looks like I have a little of my great,great,great,(and a few more greats) aunt in me…she was burned at the stake in the Salem Witch trials…or so I have been told.

    • Shaine Says:

      Hi! I’m 74% Demon Slayer I can’t wait to start! I hope my dog Dargo is ready…Thank for the great reads!

  141. Michele Says:


    You are 70% demon slayer.

  142. Amy Says:

    I’m a 98% Demon-Slayer!! Demon of the Underworld, Beware!! MWAAHAHA!

  143. danielle Says:

    hi angie i am 74% demon slayer and my name for the biker witches bash was Mantrap Marcie Fast Pants! the bash was cool i hve never done one of these online things before it was way cool just had a hard time keeping up.

  144. Koren Cota Says:

    90% Demon Slayer, Pretzel Legged Peggy No Pants here. I think I might have even scored higher but I couldn’t resist the enchanted steamboat.

  145. Tara Says:


    yay im 70%!!!
    thats better than the stumbling fool that i thought i was πŸ˜€

  146. Alanna De Bona Says:

    woohoo baby! 86% ! Who knew? My manic marauding dog Mac-a-bee just can’t shut up about it. The words ‘told you so” are being added – ad nausium! Fabulous PAR-TAY and magickal hostess by the way. Think about my offer on the tim tams Angie!

  147. Lilibeth Says:

    78% think I could have been a better slayer though!

  148. Terri Grimes Says:

    Wow! I did better than I thought I would.
    “You are 98% demon slayer”
    I guess I shouldn’t be suprised because, after all, I do have a demon that pops out of my toilet every now and then. I keep telling the family to keep the kid closed, but you know kids.

  149. Deb Poyner Says:

    I was only 65% slayer. Guess that means I will have to be a part-time slayer. But I would like to know where to find one of those really sexy griffin boyfriends.

  150. terasuccubi Says:

    Wellll… 78% but then there is a reason for that…

    Loving the new book Angie! Looking forwards to the next chapter!


  151. James Says:

    I’m 82% slayer for what it’s worth.

    • oops I meant to say I’ve got 70% because I answered honestly. lol. I also took the biker witch name test and it kept giving me Lusty Lucinda SteelButt… >.> I think I’d rather be Lizzie Wilson πŸ˜› This series shocked me because we share a first name πŸ˜‰

      • Jessica Says:

        Steelbutt?lol.Sorry but that’s funny.Oh man laugh cramps,sorry Lizzie don’t mean to laugh so hard at you.I will go find out my name and if it’s any worse you can pick on me.BRB.

    • Jessica Says:

      LOL…OMG,I told you I’d go find out my name and that you can pick on me for it,Oh my goodness I about died laughing at it,it’s horrible.So here you go as promised my name:
      Candy Knickers Uni-Brow

      LOL,ahahahahahahahahaha I told you I told you it was horrible.Feel any better about your name?

  152. […] Slayers, we have the highly un-scientific Are You Part Demon Slayer? quiz. Post your score on my blog and enter to win a walk-on role in the next Accidental Demon Slayer book. Good […]

  153. Amanda m Says:

    lol scored 82% , 0.o’ , love the series, just finished the second book πŸ™‚

  154. I scored 82% Demon Slayer…took this little quiz as soon as it was posted!

    Dottie πŸ™‚

  155. I scored 86% Demon Slayer! :o)

  156. Sherry Says:

    I got 74% Slayer.
    Just finished the second book and I have really enjoyed both of them. Can’t wait for the next one!

  157. Jessica Says:


    Hmmm,I don’t think I’ll be slaying any demons soon I might end up the one being slayed,lol.

  158. Tyler Says:

    I’m 82% Demon slayer:)

  159. Darrian Says:

    You are 94% demon slayer

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