Pirate says süße glückliche junge Hunde

February 12, 2009

german-bookstore-use1No, that’s not a computer glitch up there. That’s the German translation for Sweet Happy Puppies! It’s what I imagine Pirate would say if he saw me signing the contracts this afternoon to give Bertelsmann/Random House the rights to publish The Accidental Demon Slayer in German.

For some reason, the whole thing has me grinning. Maybe it’s because my family is originally from the Black Forest area of Germany (They changed Fuchs to Fox when they hit the U.S.).  Or maybe it’s the idea that the biker witches are going to get to ride the mean streets of Munich, Vienna, Dresden and the like. But, really, I think it’s the idea that a book that was written while sitting on our green couch has started to take on a life of its own. How fun is that? Or should I say, “wie lustig das ist?”

I just wish I actually spoke German without the help of a handy dandy online translator, which I’m embarrassed to say, has had the power to entertain me for far too long this afternoon. But please indulge me one more time when I say: küssen Sie meinen Asphalt.


7 Responses to “Pirate says süße glückliche junge Hunde”

  1. Terri Grimes Says:

    Congrats! That is so awesome!!!

    Funny German language story (feel free to fast forward) – When I visited my daughter in Germany, the Christmas before last, we drove to Rothenburg to see the world famous Christmas village there. I am walking through a crowded aisle and a German man bumped into me from behind. I said “Bitte shin, danken” (not sure on the spelling). He smiled broadly.

    My daughter came up from behind me and said “Mom that man just grabbed your butt! Why did you tell him your welcome and thank you?”

    Next time, I’ll actually learn some German instead of relying on my memory of high school German class. oops.

  2. Jess Granger Says:

    Herzliche gluckwunsch, Angie. You have to get me a copy if you can. I’d love to read it auf Deutsch. I’ll check the translation for you.

    And you were very polite in your formal request for me to kiss asphalt.


  3. Vicki Lane Says:

    OMG, this is great news!!! Snoopy dancing for you.

  4. Crystal Says:

    Oh goodness, I’m so happy for you Angie, congratulations!

    And I too am far too easily entertained with translation websites. But they’re sooo much fun! 🙂

  5. Angie Fox Says:

    Well I believe one must always be polite when asking others to kiss anything. And judging from Terri’s German, I think she’d agree. 🙂

  6. Angie Fox Says:

    Aren’t translation websites a blast? Especially this German one, I kept trying to find the longest word I could translate. Something simple like “bat” turns into an 18-letter word. For some reason, that tickled me. And, yes, before you say it – I am too easily amused.

  7. LOL. You know, I read the first sentence and thought, “That first word looks like ‘Succubi!'” I guess it’s not totally inappropriate.

    I don’t know if you’ll get this Angie, since it’s to an older post. But I wanted to say hello again. I’m the chick from Springfield with the Historical Chinese Paranormal. 🙂

    Love the site and will put up a link to it soon!

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