Justifying cake

November 2, 2008

Okay, so I just spent the last minute or two trying to wedge the largest piece of cake possible onto a fork. The reasoning? If I’m only going to have “one bite” of my son’s leftover birthday cake, I might as well make it the biggest bite possible.

And as I was cleaning up the jagged edges of the original cake slice (still counts as a bite), it occurred to me that even while this entire thing may sound dumb, it’s the little things like this that can keep us going.

Life can get crazy sometimes. An extra bite (or three) of cake, a couple of rounds with the snooze alarm, a few extra days on a library book* – small things can mean a lot. And if we don’t give ourselves a break once in awhile, who will?


*My apologies to the ultra-patient librarians at the Grand Glaze branch of the St. Louis County Library. I know I owe you money. As usual.


2 Responses to “Justifying cake”

  1. bookmom Says:

    What’s wrong with a big ‘ol bite of birthday cake? *G*

  2. Jess Granger Says:

    I’m terrible. I’ll eat the rest of the cake just to get rid of the cake so I can no longer eat the cake. If that logic makes sense to anyone, could you please explain it to me?


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