What’s Your Biker Witch Name?

July 15, 2008

The not-so-scientific, totally made up for your amusement What’s Your Biker Witch Name? quiz is here! And to celebrate, I’m naming a biker witch after one lucky quiz taker.

If you win, your name will appear in The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, coming inΒ April 2009. The contest runs through August 2008 and is inspired, of course, by the geriatric biker witches in The Accidental Demon Slayer.

Take the quiz
Tell us your name below
And you might win the chance to have your real name (or a friend’s) appear in my next book!


224 Responses to “What’s Your Biker Witch Name?”

  1. Crystal B. Says:

    Leggy Lucy Uni-Brow. LOL πŸ™‚

  2. Jolene Says:

    hmm ok..it gave me Easy Edna Pothole Jumper the first time, so i tried it again.. then it gave me Mosquito Bite Marcie Hard Rider.. lol..

  3. Amy S. Says:

    Spaghetti Neck Stella Fast Pants

  4. Megan Says:

    I’m Hog Wild Harriet Windy Pants. Awesome! πŸ˜€

  5. Susan Says:

    My biker witch name is: Chesty Drawers Uni-Brow. ROTFL

  6. bookmom Says:

    I was Candy Knickers Steel Butt. I knew all that yoga would pay off! *G*

  7. Melanie Says:

    So fun! I’m Two Date Tessa Steel Butt!

  8. Lynn (stlmomof3) Says:

    Had fun with the witch name! Gotta admit… kind of digging my new moniker too and can’t wait to read your book! Looks like a great read!!


    Owl Eyed Olive Uni-Brow

  9. Looney Libby Lug Nut

    Well there you goooo!

  10. Nancy Says:

    Candy Knickers Fast Pants

  11. Carmen R Says:

    Linda the Lush Fast Pants

    um ok well I guess that will work. I think the next time my husband and I go out on the bike I’m going to try and meet someone new and introduce myself with my new name. I can’t wait to see the persons face lol

  12. Aemelia Says:

    hmmm…not to sure about this…LOL

    Rubber Neck Reba Windy Pants

  13. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL, Carmen. You’re a biker witch now.

  14. Tammie King Says:

    Ok – LOL – Two Date Tessa Uni-Brow

    LOL I’m luck I got two dates with a Uni-Brow.

  15. annmarie mckenna Says:

    LOL, Nice contest πŸ™‚
    I’m Hogwild Harriet Wheelie Gig

  16. Angela Huffstutter Says:

    Lusty Lucinda Hard Rider

    Can’t wait to read your book Angie…it looks so FUN!!

  17. Chesty Drawers Pothole Jumper, LOL.

  18. Mine is

    Mantrap Marcie Hardrider

    I wish I’d known that Sunday when I drove up the Great River Road. I’d have felt less intimidated in my Ford Fusion fighting with all the other bikers for a piece of the road. Jeez, what you have to do to buy a basket of home grown peaches.

  19. Lise Says:

    Lusty Lucinda Bumpy Pants!
    What a hoot!

  20. Carol Knoll Says:

    Mine is Linda the Lush No Pants. I love it!

  21. Diana Coyle Says:

    Mine is: Pretzel Legged Peggy No Brakes. These names are just too funny! Great contest!

  22. Looney Libby Fast Pants hehehe

  23. My crazy name is Chesty Drawers Flat Foot, too funny

  24. LOL!

    If I use my pen name, I am:

    If I use my REAL name:

    Woo hoo!

  25. Terri Says:

    Mosquito Bite Marcie Windy Pants


  26. TamiC Says:

    Ohhhh yes beat this!!

    Fast Frankie Fast Pants!

    And you all thought yours were cool!

  27. Easy Edna Fancy Pants!!! That is SO me!! (But I confess….I didn’t like the first one, so I made the quiz give me another one! Just goes to show how perseverance pays off!!

    Good luck with your book, Angie! What a great promo game!

    Charlotte Hubbard

  28. Angie Fox Says:

    You’re just a stubborn biker witch, Charlotte. Nothing wrong with that!

    And thanks! I’m having a ball with this already.

  29. Terrid Says:

    I will not be telling any of the guys I ride with this name!

    Rubber Neck Reba Hard Rider

    That’s better than Long Leg Lucy something or other as I’m a very short person.

    Proud member of the Patriot Guard Riders

  30. Angie Fox Says:

    Wow, Terri. I’ve heard amazing things about the Patriot Guard Riders. Thanks for the work that you do.

  31. Shives Says:

    I think men are Warlocks, aren’t they?

    Just call me…

    Dozing Donnie Wheelie-Gig

    Paula wants to know when you posed for the cover picture:)

  32. Angie Fox Says:

    Spend enough time at the biker bar and you won’t care if they call you a witch or a warlock.

    And yes, didn’t you know all authors must pose for their covers? Of course those are my legs.

  33. Tamara Says:

    Take your pick I wasn’t sure which one I liked better. Hahaha. These are funny. Great promo. Lots of fun!

    Spaghetti Neck Stella Wheelie-Gig,

    Crumple Toed Chessie Pothole Jumper

  34. […] in the next book, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, coming in August 2009. The contest is at: What’s Your Biker Witch Name? Angie Fox Thanks! Angie Angie Fox The Accidental Demon Slayer Coming from Dorchester – July 29, 2008 The […]

  35. Lynn Jordan Says:

    Mine is

    Mantrap Marcie No Pants


  36. rainedelight Says:

    Chesty Drawers Pothole Jumper

    Here is mine and I have to say this was hilarious!

    Raine D.

  37. Annie Melton Says:

    This is hysterical. What an awesome promo. YOu better hit the NYT with this one πŸ˜‰

    Annie Melton… AKA Mantrap Marcie No Pants πŸ˜‰

  38. Wendy Says:

    My Biker Witch name… dun dun dun!

    Owl Eyed Olive Steel Butt.

    Oh… mygod! LMAO. Sweet! πŸ˜€

  39. Louise Says:

    I own the proud moniker of:

  40. Chessie Says:

    Hey now! What is my name doing in there? Angie, you are so wicked, but I love it.

  41. Brooke Says:

    This was too funny. I put both my husband’s and my name in! My husband’s was the best!

    My name was Crumple Toed Chessie Lug Nut

    My husband’s was Gassy Gifford Lug Nut! He a biker, so I can’t wait to tell him his new biker name!!

    Good luck with your book!

  42. Brenda Says:

    Chesty Drawers Fancy Pants… very fitting. My DH would agree that I am Chesty alright! And I do like my fancy pants, lol.

  43. Harbinger Says:

    Squirreley Sam Fast Pants

  44. Steel Butt Edna

    After a few too many long runs, I can sooooo relate. Best of luck with the series. It’s right up my alley!

  45. Kira Says:

    Chesty Drawers Steel Butt

  46. Chessie Says:

    I kind of like Pretzel Legged Peggy Pothole Jumper. It has some nice alliteration.

  47. Alicia Says:

    hehe…Owl Eyed Olive Fast Pants

    At least my pants are fast!!

    I can’t wait to read the book, Angie!

  48. Tami Says:

    Pretzel Legged Peggy No Brakes

  49. Darla Says:

    Hey, fellow RCRW member! My biker witch name is: Mantrap Marcie Lusty Pants. Can’t wait to tell my hubby, LOL!

    Waiting for your book to come out!!

  50. Chris Says:

    Nose Ring Rollie Steel Butt

  51. Cindy Says:

    Candy Knickers No Pants

  52. Larena Wirum Says:

    mine is: Skullcap Sue Wheelie-Gig

    way too funny. πŸ™‚

  53. Michelle Yakel Says:

    LOL – I got Skullcap Sue Pothole Jumper

  54. Katie D Says:

    This is what I got after entering my name, Mantrap Marcie No Brakes

    I love this! lol

  55. Hi Angie, these names are funny. Here is mines.

    Your biker witch name is:
    Two Date Tessa Steel Butt


  56. Angie – Couldn’t resist – This would be a warlock’s name…Libertas Iter. Roughly, latin for freedom road. You could call him “Bert” for short. Best of luck with the release and big hugs! Minnette πŸ™‚

  57. Oh…my name would be Owl Eyed Olive Windy Pants…too funny. πŸ™‚

  58. danette Says:

    Lol..that was fun πŸ™‚

    Hog Wild Harriet Steel Butt

  59. TAMI Says:

    Buck Toothed Betty Hard Rider

  60. TAMI Says:

    that with my nick name on here blackroze

    lol sorry was stillplaying

  61. crystal b Says:

    Lusty Lucinda Pothole Jumper
    Crystals Name

  62. Carrie Says:

    Looney Libby Fast Pants πŸ™‚

  63. Dawn M. Says:

    I’m Chesty Drawers Wheelie-Gig. LOL!

  64. Dawn M. Says:

    I’m Chesty Drawers Wheelie-Gig. LOL!

  65. LadyVampire Says:

    My name turned out to be Chesty Drawers Hard Rider.

  66. Stephanie Says:

    LOL My Name is ….
    Pretzel Legged Peggy Fancy Pants


  67. Ashlyn Chase Says:

    What fun!

    My name is: Fast Frankie Fast Pants
    Very fitting for an erotic romance lover. LOL


  68. LOL…gave me Lushy Linda Lug Nut

    Next time hubby and I are on the bike I’ll have to do some drinking to live up to my name, but non-alcoholic πŸ™‚
    Great contest…good luck with your book!


  69. Ashley Heady Says:

    Lusty Lucinda Fast Pants

    I can’t wait to read your book!!

  70. JUDY COX Says:

    Great quiz!!

    Here is my name: Hog Wild Harriet Bumpy Pants

  71. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL I am just cracking up over here. Keep ’em coming!

  72. Yvonne Says:

    Pretzel Legged Peggy Hard Rider

    That is hilarious…can’t wait for the book!!!!

    I’m sending the link to all my friends to see what their names are! πŸ™‚

  73. bunnyb Says:

    Mine is Easy Edna Steel Butt!! Woohoo!! πŸ™‚

  74. Stacey S Says:

    Easy Edna Windy Pants

  75. Mimi Says:

    Buzz off, I’m Mosquito Bite Marcie Steel Butt! Fear my buns, their deadlier than my bite.

  76. Valerie Says:


    Fast Frankie Steel Butt



  77. Karen Crnkovich Says:

    Pretzel Legged Peggy Fast Pants – LOL

  78. Pamk Says:

    Linda the Lush No Brakes is my name lol. that is too funny

  79. Sassy Says:

    Fast Frankie Pothole Jumper

  80. Christine Says:

    Fun quiz!
    I may go back and try all my aliases till I get something I love. πŸ˜‰

  81. Christine Says:

    Got it! My nickname gave me this one:


    I love it! πŸ˜€

  82. PhyllisC Says:

    These are so funny. Mine is:
    Mantrap Marcie Pothole Jumper

  83. :Candice: Says:

    lol my biker name is

    Easy Edna Pothole Jumper


  84. keatonkat Says:

    Linda the Lush Steel Butt!

  85. Mel K. Says:

    Buck Toothed Betty No Brakes is my name.
    Perfect! LOL!

  86. Teresa W. Says:

    Rubber Neck Reba Fast Pants!

  87. Mary D. Says:

    Mine is Skullcap Sue Steel Butt!

  88. LAINEY Says:

    My name is Owl Eyed Olive Fancy Pants not too bad haha…

  89. Kathy Says:

    my name is Lushy Linda Fancy Pants.

    Actually, I could see this fitting me well!

  90. Tamsyn T. Says:

    Its Mosquito Bite Marcie Hard Rider! How’s that?

  91. Crystal Says:

    Fun quiz, though I’m a bit surprised at my biker witch name. It’s Buck Toothed Betty No Brakes.

  92. kerry Says:

    I kinda like it—Hog Wild Harriet Steel Butt. The Hog wild and Steel Butt works just fine.

    Bloody one

  93. Jackie Says:

    Looney Libby No Brakes

    I did the quiz again, and it gave me a different name. I like I like the first one better – Chesty Drawers Hard Rider

  94. catie Says:

    Chesty Drawers Fast Pants

    Hee! Gotta love it.

  95. I’m now known as:

    Lusty Lucinda Flat Foot!

    What a hoot!!!

  96. Gretchen Jones Says:

    Candy Knickers Unibrow – Hey, maybe we’re the identical twin sisters of different parents. They’ll refer to us as the unibrow twins!


  97. Rebekah Says:

    My name is :

    Pretzel Legged Peggy Steel Butt

  98. kim dostalek Says:

    How this:
    Mosquito Bite Marcie Hard Rider

    Just know where to bite them and enjoying the moment.:)

  99. Lisa N Says:

    I tried a couple of times and got:

    Linda the Lush Flat Foot

    Fast Frankie Bumpy Pants

  100. Marley Blaisdell Says:

    So my name is
    Lusty Lucinda Hard Rider

  101. RaNae C. Says:

    My name is Easy Edna No Pants. Edna is a naughty girl. LOL

  102. Cassie Says:

    Buck Toothed Betty Uni-Brow

    Bwahahaa! That’s terrible, yet funny. Makes me sound absolutely hideous.

  103. Laurelin Says:

    My name is Two Date Tessa No Brakes. I’m going to pretend that the ‘No Brakes’ bit refers to the bike. Yup. The bike.

  104. Natasha Says:

    very fun!

    Two Date Tessa Lug Nut

  105. elianara Says:

    Leggy Lucy Hard Rider

    I wish I would be leggy….

  106. Candy Kniickers Lug Nut.

    I’ love the name Candy! Sweet and sticky…hehe

  107. Shary Says:

    I’m Crumple Toed Chessie Fancy Pants. Love the Fancy Pants part.

  108. Ocy Says:

    Looney Libby Lug Nut, at your service.

    Well, I am a little looney.

  109. Kaite Says:

    Mine already got listed: Pretzel Legged Peggy Hard Rider

    I wonder how the generator generates the names?

  110. Sandra D Says:

    Pick me pick me!
    Crumple Toed Chessie Wheelie-Gig

  111. Tina Says:

    I’m Fast Frankie Steel Butt. Apparently my biker witch alter-ego is hitting the gym much more regularly than I am. Because, really, Fast Frankie Soft Butt would be more truth in advertising. πŸ™‚

  112. flip Says:

    Mosquito Bite Marcie No Brakes

  113. Stacey P. Says:

    Skullcap Sue No Brakes here, heh.

  114. Elizabeth Says:

    Chesty Drawers Hard Rider

    …as I run for the portapotty the strap of my industrial strength over-the-shoulder-boulder holder’s snapped…?

  115. Maya Says:

    apparently i’m


    i can live with that!

  116. I’m loving my name – Two Date Tessa No Pants. What a great generator!

  117. Eva Lynn Says:

    Looney Libby Lug Nut. Nice and alliterative, flows well. Works for me!

  118. shaina Says:

    Rubber Neck REba No Brakes…doesnt make much sense, but there it is.

  119. Caffey Says:

    Angie, this was a blast to do! I’m Buck Toothed Betty Fancy Pants! So I got nice pants πŸ™‚

  120. Vicki Says:

    Leggy Lucy Hard-rider, which, although I have yet to master the arrrrt of riding a hog, still fits this geriatric (well, kinda) witch to a T.

  121. Vicki Says:

    Oooh, I put in the name I use when I am in trouble with someone (I can no longer use this name in the state of Washington), and it came up with Edna Easy Pants. Yep, right on.

  122. Summer Says:

    Lusty Lucinda Hard Rider is mine. I dig it. πŸ™‚

    Can’t leave my standard poodle and generally Awesome Pal, Radar, out of things, so here’s his:

    Gassy Gifford Fast Pants

    I can just see us now, with matching shades and steely expressions. Of course, I have balance problems and he hates rain, but hey! We’d -look- cool!

  123. Rachel J Says:

    Mantrap Marcie Steel Butt

    A big “pffft, hahahaha” to this one.

  124. Carrie Says:

    Heh, fabulous. I’m Leggy Lucy No Brakes!

  125. Licienne S Says:

    Chesty Drawers No Brakes

  126. Dina Says:

    Ok, well here’s my new name:

    Buck Toothed Betty Steel Butt

  127. Karen Says:

    Spaghetti Neck Stella Fancy Pants

  128. Sharon Says:

    Loved the book! Crazy!
    Don’t know why my name’s so long..
    Misquito Bite Marcie Flat Foot πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  129. Lynn Says:

    Between housework and my crazy teenage daughter, I had to laugh when she found out my name: Pretzel Legged Peggy No Pants. It fits me well.

  130. Allan L. Says:

    So the book was amazing, but I am glad I was not the only male to read it. My name is Roadkill Ronnie Unibrow, that made me laugh. Cannot wait until the sequel hits the shelves.

  131. Charlene Robinson Says:

    Rubber Neck Reba Lug Nut

  132. Cate Says:

    Candy Knickers No Pants

    Boggles the mind if you think of it too hard…

  133. M Beck Says:

    My uberfantastic name is:
    “Leggy Lucy Hard Rider”

    Thanks for the laughs. The book was fabu!

  134. Sidona . Says:

    My biker name is Skullcap Sue Fancy Pants. I can see her…old lady with fuzzy brown hair sticking out from her skullcap, wearing her skin tight hot pink tye dyed pants!

  135. tasha t Says:

    who won

  136. Midnite Says:

    My new biker name is “Lushy Linda Windy Pants.” Which actually fits…I’d like to have enough class to be a lush, and riding a hog, you do tend to get rather windy pants!

  137. Weasy Says:

    *snerk* I’m Easy Edna Windy Pants apparently.

    Book looks fun, I added it to my list!

  138. Sabella Says:

    Mine is Hog Wild Harriet No Brakes XD

    Loved the book! Can’t wait for the next one!

  139. Becky Says:

    Here I am…Skullcap Sue No Brakes LOL. I loved the book and can’t wait for the next story!!!
    Becky AKA Skullcap Sue

  140. Sini Says:

    Broken Tooth Billie Flat Foot! Ha..ha… this is hilarious!! How did it come out ? ..No idea!!

  141. Raven6275 Says:

    I found this book similar to reading one of Katie MacAllister books i.e Aisling Grey or the Silver Dragon.

    I wonder if Angie has ever read any of her books. Don’t get me wrong it was a good book, but as I said before, it felt like I was reading one of MacAllister’s book.

  142. Well, mine is kind of weird! Okay, I guess they all are in their own ways:

    Pretzel Legged Peggy Lug Nut

  143. Vicki Says:

    Chesty Drawers No Brakes. Quite lovely!

  144. Pyerce Says:

    Light Fingered Lester Hard Rider is the name i got from my real name Pierce.

    From my nickname from some of my freinds Pyerce I got Dozing Donnie Bumpy Pants

  145. Janean Says:

    Skullcap Sue Fancy Pants very cute quiz thanks for sharing it with us.

    Janean Sparks

  146. Christina D. Says:

    I’m Hog Wild Harriet Uni-Brow!
    Great book, can’t wait for the next one.
    Christina D.

  147. Karin Tillotson Says:

    Candy Knickers No Brakes which is pretty good for a ‘white head’!

  148. Jim Nelson Says:

    I’m Wino Wally Fast Pants, well yeah but only that one time when i was 16…. Keep the great books coming Angie.

  149. Cheryl Says:

    My name is Pretzel Legged Peggy Steel Butt

  150. mary devries Says:

    owl eyed olive

    loved the book

  151. mary devries Says:

    owl eyed olive windy pants

    loved the book

  152. Kristine Says:

    Oh I’m going to use this as my email sig. It’s a keeper! Candy Knickers Wheelie-Gig.

  153. My biker name is LOONEY LIBBY NO BRAKES.

    I met you at the conference when we went up to the top floor of the hotel with Farrah to see the night view. Farrah told me you landed on a best-seller list this week. Congratulations!!!

  154. Kristin Says:

    Candy Knickers Bumpy Pants

  155. Angie Fox Says:

    Hi Shauna. I mean Looney Libby. That was a fun night – good to see you here!

    And thanks to everyone who said they liked the book – The Accidental Demon Slayer was a blast to write.

  156. Laurie Ferguson Says:

    Chesty Drawers Steel Butt – very cool!

  157. Ande Says:

    Spaghetti Neck Stella Bumpy Pants!
    Awesome book. I can’t wait for the second.

  158. Guenivere Says:

    Easy Edna Windy Pants

  159. Cat:-) Says:

    Two Date Tessa Fast Pants

    Well, I must say, the name sure fits me as I have outgrowed my pants fast! lol

    Loved your book can’t wait for the next one πŸ™‚

    Cat:-) NC

  160. Fran Mead Says:

    Mine was Fast Frankie Unibrow. I read the book in a day. Can’t wait for the second one.

  161. Fran Mead Says:

    Mine is Frast Frankie Unibrow. Great book, read it in a day. Way so long before #2 is out.

  162. Stephen Perigo Says:

    Mine is Outlaw Otis Pothole Jumper. I just picked up your book, I can’t wait to get started!

  163. Anita Says:

    My new biker name is Chesty Drawers No Brakes! This was truely a sign when I saw this πŸ™‚

    Loved The Acidental Demon Slayer – I read this book cover to cover in under a day! I loved laughing with Lizzie and Grandma Gertie was the best. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

  164. Janelle Says:

    so fits me u have no idea

    Bucked Tooth Betty No Breaks…..

  165. Jenn Davis Says:

    Crumple Toed Chessie Steel Butt

    Definitely like the Steel Butt part, crumple toed is ok because that’s what happens when I wear high-heeled boots, but Chessie? Hmmm..

    Loved the story Angie! I can’t wait to read the next one.

  166. Jen Says:

    Mosquito Bite Marcie Lug Nut <—– SWEET i love it…. foflmao… funny thing is if there a bug around that bites… i’m dinner !!!!

    the book was AWESOME… can’t wait for the new one…

    Safe Travels to you all

  167. Laura Says:

    Buck Toothed Betty No Brakes

    Now how did that thing know that was my nickname?? I mean, as far as I knew only my husband called me that and only on special occasions!

  168. Joanna Says:

    Lusty Lucinda Wheelie-Gig

    Candy Knickers No Brakes

    Owl Eyed Olive Fast Pants

    I’m not sure which one is the best!

  169. S. Says:

    Skullcap Sue Steel Butt!

    I love it. Great first book, can’t wait for the next.

  170. Darcy Says:

    I LOVED your book! Looking forward to the next!!

    MY BIKER WITCH NAME: Mantrap Marcie No Pants πŸ™‚

  171. Heather T Says:

    Hog Wild Harriet Pothole Jumper

    LOL!!! Scary, but true… I am Hog-Wild and a Pothole Jumper…. Yikes, I didn’t think anyone else knew about that.

    I really enjoyed your book and will definitely be running madly to the bookstore at my lunchtime, (hoping to be back before anyone notices :o) to buy your next book on the day it comes out!

    Thanks! – Hog Wild Harriet Pothole Jumper
    (thats how I’m going to leave my signature on my email now… :o)

  172. Tara Says:

    My name is Owl Eye Olive Uni-Brow

  173. Sheri Morgan Says:

    ok – My name is now Lusty Lucinda No Pants!! Obviously since I am so lusty, I don’t want to waste any time!!

    Thanks Angie for letting my inner Biker Witch come out in the open and have a name to be truely proud of!!

    From now on I will only answer to Lusty Lucinda, Lusty Lu or Lusty Lucy!!!

  174. vicki Says:

    I love this! My name is: Hog Wild Harriet No Brakes

    So much fun, and I’m giving away a copy of your book this week on my blog. πŸ™‚

  175. Ally Says:

    My name is Crumple Toed Chessie Bumpy Pants.

    Loved the book, was sad when I finished it because I wanted more…guess I just have to wait oh only twelve months…

  176. Lyle Kennedy Says:

    Lusty Lucinda Flat Foot is my name and demon slaying is my game.
    Just finished The Accidental Demon Slayer. What a wild romp. Gotta love those “Red Hat” witches. I laughed til I cried. Looking forward to the next book.

  177. Angie Fox Says:

    Okay, that’s the last time I’m reading any of your comments while drinking Diet Coke. Poor keyboard! Glad you’re finding your inner biker witches. Let ’em out. It’s okay. You might even jump a few potholes in the process…or lose your pants. But you will have fun.

  178. Judi aka Easy Edna Hard Rider Says:

    ROFL OMG!! I’m Easy Edna Hard Rider… my oh my the mind pic this is making! I just finished your book this afternoon. I LOVE IT!! and can’t wait for the second. I’ve spent my whole morning and afternoon reading (even took it with me outside when I had to let the dog out). Thanks Angie for the giggles and whoops

  179. EarthGipsi Says:

    haha. Scullcap Sue No Brakes. What’s funny is that I do wear scullcaps!

  180. Jan Elkins Says:

    This is fun. I am Easy Edna UniBrow

  181. Sharon Says:

    I used a variation of my name, using my legal name, my married name, my birth name, etc. I think I like my married name best:

    Easy Edna Hard Rider!

    This was FUN!!!



  182. Tammy Says:

    I’m Buck Toothed Betty No Pants and my own little Jack Russell is Lazy Larry Steel Butt

  183. Amanda Says:

    I’m Two Date Tessa Wheelie-Gig and my bad-ass poodle is Dozing Donnie Steel Butt

  184. Angie Fox Says:

    OMG the dog names are cracking me up. I had a poodle once that could have been called Dozing Donnie, as it stood, I just called him spoiled Beau.

  185. Rhonda Says:

    Hi! I’m “Easy Edna Hard Rider!” I LOVE the “wordplay” on my “Biker Witch Name.” I may have to have a t-shirt made up to wear when I ride…or…I COULD just put it on the other side of my “Kiss My Asphalt” t-shirt!

    (WHEN I WIN!!!)lol

  186. Trish Says:

    Lusty Lucinda No Pants

  187. Amy Heintzman Says:

    Easy Edna Bumpy Pants… this is so much fun- I did this multiple times until I liked this name best.

  188. Julie Howard Says:

    Mine is Skullcap Sue Fancy Pants!

  189. Kayla Says:

    Mine is Chesty Drawers No Brakes

  190. Sue Henson Says:

    My biker witch name is …….

    Candy Knickers Flat Foot

  191. Kim Says:

    My biker witch name is Fast Frankie Steel Butt!!

  192. Pearl Says:

    I love my biker witch name:


  193. KC Rooney Says:

    Hog Wild Harriet Windy Pants

  194. Courtney Macbeth Says:

    My name is:
    Awesome! Please ready my Possom Potion and prepare the Beast Feast!!

  195. Angie Fox Says:

    Oh my. You say that with such authority, I find myself wanting to hop right to it! Now where are my possum tails…?

  196. Jennifer Ljubicich Says:

    LOL I LOVE this series and these names are a riot.

    I got:

    I can SO see this character in my head! Hair dyed that impossible red burgandy shade, zebra or tiger striped leather pants, bustier with waaay too much flesh popping over and happily scatter brained keeping her spells in bottles named after her favorite men; Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo. LOL great contest!

  197. April Says:

    Looney Libby No Pants Hahaha, I haven’t run around without pants for ages;) Seems like everyone has a Looney Libby in there family can’t wait.

  198. April Says:

    Candy Knickers Pothole Jumper
    was my second name, like them both so much.

  199. April Says:

    It’s official I changed my myspace name;) Thanks Angie

  200. Kellie Says:

    I ended up with Linda the Lush Fast Pants and I love it!

    Thanks Angie!

  201. Kalligenia Says:

    Hog Wild Harriet Fast Pants!

  202. Mantrap Marcie No Pants Says:

    I trap men with no pants!!! Hahahaha

  203. Mantrap Marcie No Pants Says:


  204. Kay Says:

    Candy Knickers Fancy Pants…LMAO I love it!

  205. Stacey Siferd Says:

    HI Angie!!
    Well, I had the name Candy Knickers Pothole Jumper and took the quiz again. LOL..Now I have received the name…Fast Frankie Bumpy Pants!!! Too funny! Kind of ties in with my baking and having a demon come out of my oven theory:) I knew I should’ve stopped baking…maybe I wouldn’t have “bumpy pants”…lol This is too fun!!!
    Stacey aka…blondmenace7

  206. Angie Fox Says:

    I blame the pants, Stacey. Keep baking!


  207. froggy Says:

    Brainy Bob No Brakes

  208. PaBast Says:

    I finished reading your book and took the quiz. I like my witch biker name. Two Date Tessa Fast Pants. Does the quiz now about my past at Mizzou?

    I can’t wait to read book 2 in this series.

  209. Angie Fox Says:

    LOL The quiz knows all.

  210. Lena Sawyer Says:

    Fast Frankie Steel Butt.

  211. Charlotte Says:

    Leggy Lucy Steel Butt

  212. Ashley Willis Says:

    Hey Angie,

    I absolutely loved the book it made two days in Iraq go by very quickly.

    I cant believe when I put in my name in I got Easy Edna No Pants…I can see it now Edna walks into the room jaws drop to the floor as Lizzy says ummm…grandma why is that women not wearing any pants…grandma says oh that’s Easy Enda…Lizzy says What??? Easy What??? Oh, that’s Easy Enda she doesn’t wear any pants because (long pause) well honestly we never really asked I just figured her named said it all. Fun says Lizzy as she hits Dimitri on the arm because he is still staring with his mouth wide open. lol

  213. Mine is… Easy Edna Bumpy Pants. Hehehe, so funny!! Can’t wait for the next book!! πŸ˜€

  214. Tina Fowler Says:

    Linda the Lush Steel Butt
    too funny. I’m a lush, but at least I keep in shape…haha. And I know I am 6 months late, but hey, better late than never right?

  215. Angie Fox Says:

    So are Lena and Charlotte the Steel Butt Sisters?

    Hi Ashley – I’m glad The Accidental Demon Slayer helped you get through a couple days in Iraq. Nice little Easy Edna story too. You’re cracking me up. Although I’ve got to warn you that Lizzie might show up and whomp Easy Edna if she’s not careful.

    And Alicia and Tina, perhaps you should get Steel Butt and Bumpy Pants together.

  216. Chellsea LeCates Says:

    My name is Buck Toothed Betty Flat Foot. I’m sure the next book is going to be as amazing as the first, can’t wait!

  217. Ariel Says:

    Candy Knickers Windy Pants
    πŸ˜› Awesome name.

  218. carlie Says:

    Mine’s Lusty Lucinda No Pants LOL

  219. Don Wendt Says:

    My name is Beefcake Brutus No Pants.

    My dog Otto wanted me to get his name as well.
    Otto’s name is Slick Eared Earnest Bumpy Pants.

  220. […] Book For Demon Slayers – which releases Aug, 2009)? You get your very own Biker Witch Name! So pop on over and take her quiz. If you’re brave […]

  221. Jennifer Says:

    I’m Mantrap Marcie Lug Nut. Lol awesome!!

  222. Darlene Says:

    I am now Fast Frankie Flat Foot

    cool im a 4F for short lol. I just started reading the accidental Demon slayer and am so glad I found it. I love it thanks for writting it.

  223. please assist with a name Says:

    i need a sexy ,funcky name to match my personality .

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