New idea: the calendar alarm

July 14, 2008

Why does everything seem to come up at the same time? I know I didn’t plan it that way. But there it is on my calendar. In the next two weeks, I have: a car to get inspected and licensed, a dental appointment, yearly doctor visits for both the kids, an eye appointment and a trip out of town. Oh and I’m throwing my husband a huge, fun 40th birthday party (can’t wait) and there’s also something in there about a book launch. 

So attention tech savvy people: I suggest a new invention: calendar alarms. You write one too many things down on the calendar, it makes a loud clanging sound and closes the book. You do it again, it eats your pen. You’re crazy enough to try for a third time and you are forbidden to write anything new in the calendar for a week.

It could work, right? Or maybe I’ve been writing too many paranormals.

Oh and a very fun event on my calendar: I’m doing an interview today over at Amber Katze’s Book Blog. Check it out. She has a really neat site going.


4 Responses to “New idea: the calendar alarm”

  1. Amberkatze Says:

    Thanks Angie!!!

    I hope you don’t get so stressed out that you can’t enjoy the launch of your book!

  2. bookmom Says:

    I like this idea. I could have used one for next month! *G*

    I do hope you have time to enjoy your book launch!

  3. Angie Fox Says:

    Well, it’s not getting to me too much. I’m pretty Type B – getting done what I can. But I’m just looking around thinking, “How did this happen?”

  4. LadyVampire Says:

    This isn’t really relavent to the post but I wanted to comment on here and wish you a very Happy Birthday there! I hope you get everything you wished for and more!

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