If you write it…they will make a t-shirt

July 8, 2008

Oh this is neat. ChariDee over at Novel Reads is giving away “Kiss my asphalt” t-shirts, based on the t-shirt one of the biker witches wears on the very first page of the book. Think it would look too bad if I entered to win???

3 Responses to “If you write it…they will make a t-shirt”

  1. nancy fox Says:

    Hi Angie
    This is so exciting! I had no idea you were a budding author. Hope to see you at one of your book signing. For sure I and Ellen will be at the book siging at the library in Sept.

    Nancy Fox

  2. Sheri Morgan Says:

    Hi Angie,

    I once saw a picture, ok it was in the bathroom at a Harley store, but anyway, I think it would make an awesome t-shirt. It was the picture of a woman from behind and below it said “This butt don’t sit on the back” – I love the attitude that in conveys!!

    BTW – LOVE the new book!!

  3. Ted Cook Says:

    Like the design, template, post is OK, writing is great. I’ll probably check back again….

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