Is this thing on?

June 30, 2008

Ohhhh…I am so bad, sneaking into the blog three days late. I’m in Anaheim, California for the American Library Association Conference. We’re right next to Disneyland. I’m trying to hide my mouse ears behind my back, but it’s not working, is it?

And I’m not even clever this afternoon because I’ve been riding Pirates of the Carribean working hard for the past three days. So to make it up to you guys, how about I draw names for not one, but two ARCs? My last two ARCs for this contest. Say it ain’t so!

The winners are:
Mary Ann Taylor and Charity S.!!!

And even though my ARC box is empty, my heart is full because we’re getting close to the official launch of The Accidental Demon Slayer. And another great review just came in – this time from Romantic Times magazine. Four stars. “A new talent just hit the urban fantasy genre, and she has a genuine gift for creating dangerously hilarious drama.” How neat is that? I’m blushing. Or maybe it’s this great California sunshine.  



8 Responses to “Is this thing on?”

  1. danette Says:

    Hi Angie,

    It sounds like your trip is going well. I’d be lost for time if I was at Disneyland too 😀

    Congrats Maryann and Charity!

    Hugs, Danette

  2. sidhevicious Says:

    Congrats on the awesome review from RT Magazine! 😀 I can’t wait to read it.

    Happy to hear that your trip is going great too.

    Judi 🙂

  3. Angie Fox Says:

    Thanks, Danette. I’m trying not to feel like a slacker. 🙂

    And, Judi, you should be receiving that ARC any day now. I mailed it last week before I left town.

  4. Chessie Says:

    Congratulations Angie!

    That sounds like a great review. Have fun in Disneyland!

  5. bookmom Says:

    Congratulations Mary Ann and Charity!

    I’m counting down the days until I can see this at the bookstore!

  6. natalie Says:

    I’m so glad that your book is getting great reviews. Are you going to the RWA conference? That’d be one to have fun at. Unfortunately I can’t get to the Australian equivalent this year, but next year I’ll be there with bells on.

  7. Darcy Burke Says:

    Congrats on the review! Disneyland?! So jealous!

    -Darcy who is impatiently waiting to buy and read TADS!

  8. Angie Fox Says:

    I know. My husband kept saying, “but I thought you went to a conference.”

    RWA is coming up in San Francisco at the end of this month and I’ll be there – signing books and corrupting people like Darcy at the bar. Can’t wait!

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