California dreamin’

June 24, 2008

Today, I’m running around packing, getting ready to head to Anaheim for the American Library Association Conference (ALA). As I cram my suitcase with too many shoes, snacks (hey, you don’t want to go hungry) and other necessities that I couldn’t possibly buy outside of St. Louis (or at least that’s what I tell myself), I find myself excited on two levels: one because I know I’m actually going to get to see the city this time. You know those conferences you attend where you see the inside of cabs, restaurants and hotel rooms and then somebody asks you how the city was and you have no answer? Well at ALA, part of the conference is getting out into the city. These librarians are smart! I’m taking an ALA sponsored walking tour of Anaheim on Friday and going to Disney on Saturday evening.

The second reason I can’t wait for ALA is that I get to spend six days with people who love books as much as I do. I’m bringing a notebook along for recommendations and an extra suitcase for all of the (gasp) free books. And of course I won’t leave you guys behind. How fun will it be to blog about  ALA?  Of course lugging my computer along does ensure I’ll be the small, overloaded woman in the airport that everyone seems to feel sorry for. See what I do for you? And for email. But mainly for you, right?

Speaking of blogging, I’m over on Something Wicked today, talking about my attempts to channel Ferris Bueller. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.


6 Responses to “California dreamin’”

  1. bookmom Says:

    Hope you won’t have to sit on your suitcase to get it closed. Your snacks would crush. *G* Have a great time!

  2. Angie Fox Says:

    That’s right. Gotta make sure those priorities are straight.

  3. Chessie Says:

    Have a great time at Disneyland! I love that place.


  4. Angie Fox Says:

    I’ve never been, so there will be much gawking.

  5. natalie Says:

    How was Anaheim? Hope you found lots of freebies!

  6. Angie Fox Says:

    Oh my word – I’m in ARC heaven. I must eat all of the snacks I brought in order to make room for them all. It’s been a great trip. I’ll be the one whimpering at the John Wayne airport tomorrow as I board the plane back to St. Louis.

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