Reviews, curses and those blasted squirrels

June 17, 2008

Reviews are starting to come in on The Accidental Demon Slayer and they’re kind of fun, like opening little presents while hoping they don’t explode. I was going to post clips, but it felt too much like me standing here, with my arm around someone who just said a few nice things saying, “Here. Say it again. Tell these people. Tell them I’m smart. Tell them you like my shoes. Tell them.” Maybe I’ll get used to that, but as a debut author, it all feels a bit strange. So here are the links. That’s the best you’re going to get from me right now:
Manic Reader Reviews
Fallen Angel Reviews

Also, if you get a chance, check out my group blog – Something Wicked. I have a post up today about a serious matter indeed, the Fox curse. It’s been quite a, ahem, challenge for our family.

And (you knew this was coming) the battle of the squirrels has begun in my garden. They’ve invaded like a miniature, hairy Mongol army and let’s just say it’s not pretty. More on that later.


8 Responses to “Reviews, curses and those blasted squirrels”

  1. natalie Says:

    great reviews Angie, you must be stoked! We’re lucky in australia not to have squirrels, we have possums instead, and they love to live in the space in your roof and in the middle of the night fight. And I mean the chains and knucklebusters come out in full force. It sounds like two mating cats thrown together in a big tin can, and when they’re attacking each other no one gets sleep. Oh but did I tell you they’re protected by law, so you can’t take matters into your own hands? bugger

  2. Angie Fox Says:

    Possums are protected by law? Are they rare? Doesn’t sound like it if they’re living in your attic. I had to laugh, but I’m sure it’s not funny at 3:00 in the morning.

    I used to think squirrels were everywhere (it sure seems like it sometimes), but when a friend of mine from the Netherlands visited, she was enamored with squirrels. She’d read about them, but had never seen one up close. There she was, taking pictures of the buggers while they smirked at me.

  3. Brandy Says:

    The reviews sound wonderful!

    We had a squirrel get into our AC vent once (when we lived in Military housing in MS). It was hard to get out and set free! Good luck. *G*

  4. Stargazer Says:

    Congrats on the Wonderfull reviews! That is soooo exciting. Good Luck with everything.
    Your book cover looks Great.

  5. Chessie Says:

    Here’s hoping you get an upper hand on the squirrels. Don’t be afraid to go medieval on their furry little tails. 😉

  6. Crystal Says:

    Those are some great reviews, now I’m really looking forward to your book. But is there a reason that both of the reviews have different page counts?

  7. Angie Fox Says:

    Well, Brandy, I’ll bet we could have gotten that squirrel out of your AC vent in no time – just dangle anything from my garden in front of the opening and whammo. Squirrel feast.

  8. Angie Fox Says:

    Thanks, Crystal. Will you be my copy editor? That’s a great catch on the two different word counts. I wish I had an answer as to why people are giving different numbers.

    The official word is 320. The advanced reading copy has 292, but that’s without any of the acknowledgements, and without final edits (which weren’t much, but still). It seems to me like a toss up until the final printed copies come out, hopefully mid-July.

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