A pirate’s life for me

April 3, 2008

I belong to a wonderful writing organization called RWA. Through RWA, writers can take online courses on everything from income taxes (ho, hum), to novel writing, to pirates. Guess which one I picked?


Let’s face it – pirates are way cooler than income taxes or novel writing. And while I’ve read a few things in National Geographic and am a proud owner of Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD, I really would like to learn more. In the mean time, I’ve found a kindred soul.

After the class introductions, our teacher asked us to name our favorite pirate. Answers included Jean Lafitte, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, Cheng I Sao.

My answer? Johnny Depp. Mainly because he’s toe-curling, fall down, close-your-mouth-now-Angie sexy. Besides, I don’t know who those other pirates are.

And that’s when my classmate, Lynn, sent me this footage of her meeting, yes, meeting Johnny Depp. Well, he greeted her, which counts in my book. That’s her with the wicked cool accent. Take a look and you can be jealous too.

[Okay. I know the link isn’t working. It’ll be up in a sec. I’m a writer, not a webmaster dang it.]


One Response to “A pirate’s life for me”

  1. Bethanne Says:

    Pirates are WAY cooler! Have you read Marsha Canham’s book, Iron Rose? Ooo. I love it.

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